High Holy Days

High Holy Days (יָמִים נוֹרָאִים)

We hold Rosh Hashanah (רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה) and Yom Kippur (יוֹם כִּיפּוּר) – as well as Yizkor (יִזְכּוֹר) and Tashlich (תַּשְׁלִיךְ) – services every year, led by our current Rabbi.

We also recognize that many community members practice their Judaism primarily during the High Holidays, and we love having you all the same! If we’re already close friends, or we’re a new set of faces, we are always happy to have you and provide for you during the High Holidays.


Erev Rosh Hashanah services are on Sunday, September 9th at 7pm
Rosh Hashanah daytime services are on Monday, September 10th at 10am
Tashlich services will be on Monday, September 10th at 4pm
Kol Nidre services will be on Tuesday, September 18th at 7pm
Yom Kippur Young Children’s services are on Wednesday, September 19th at 9am
Yom Kippur Adults services will be on Wednesday, September 20th 10:30am (After the Children’s Services)
Yizkor will be on Wednesday, September 20th at 4pm
Havdalah will begin after Yizkor, at approximately 4:30pm
Break-the-fast will be right after Havdalah!

This year, our Rosh Hashanah Services – both night and day – will be held at The Cave at Europa Village. Yom Kippur and Kol Nidre will be at our usual High Holy Day location, the Temecula United Methodist Church. You can expect all the usual things during our High Holidays: plenty of apples and honey, Torah reading, and the Shofar sounding loudly for all to hear

Our Tashlich services will be held at The Temecula Duck Pond! Which is located on the corner of Ynez and Rancho California Road.


 Donation for Members

Donation for Non-Members

 Rosh Hashanah



 Yom Kippur (with Break-the fast)   

 $10 ($5 kids)

 $70 ($10 kids)

 Yom Kippur (w/o Break-the-fast)


 $50 (kids free!)